How to get free Nintendo eShop Codes in 2022

Here’s how to get Nintendo eShop codes for free in 2022

Whether you were planning on redeeming your Nintendo eShop code to purchase one of the latest big releases such as your new favorite Mario, Zelda or Pokémon game for free or you simply wanted to try out a bunch of smaller Nintendo Indie Games, the following method will be an awesome solution for you to receive any Nintendo games you want for free – scroll down to learn more!

We present you – the best place to earn free gift cards such as Nintendo eShop Codes!

Here’s what offers you

  • A free 100 points/$0.1 via this link
  • A daily free reward that anyone can claim every 24 hours
  • Dozens of rewards next to Nintendo eShop Gift Cards
  • Legit offers that get you rewarded very fast

Various Gift Cards to choose from – start today and claim your free gift here!

Once you created your account on – head to the „earn“ page that you can find in the header and choose one of their providers from there to complete various easy tasks such as downloading apps, filling out a survey or signing up at a website to earn loads of free Nintendo eShop Codes for free. Alternatively, you can always select one of their other awesome rewards as they have plenty of other awesome options to choose from – thanks to this site, you will be able to purchase your favorite Nintendo Games on your Nintendo Switch for absolutely free from now on!

Is there really a way to get free Nintedo eShop codes in 2022?

Yes there is – earning Nintedo eShop Gift Cards and other awesome prizes on works without any issues indeed and if you get started and complete some offers, you can even receive your first Nintedo eShop Code within the first day!

What can you do with a Nintedo eShop Code?

You can use a Nintendo eShop Code to purchase and download any game or DLC of your choice from the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch.

That way, you can replace the need to head out and buy physical games from now on as getting all the games that you desire is just one virtual purchase away – simply head to the Nintendo eShop, select the option to purchase your game(s) of choice and choose to enter your Nintendo eShop Code during the payment options step. Nintendo eShop Gift Cards are also very convenient as they don’t expire and are a very good purchase if you are not 100% sure about your next Nintendo purchase yet or might be waiting for a specific sale on their platform!

It is worth noting that Nintedo eShop Cards are non-refundable in general once you purchased them at your local retail store or at an online marketplace. They are also a great gifting option however so if you do not have a use for them anymore, you can always decide to make a nice surprise to your fellow Nintendo loving friends. This means that is also a great solution for you if you are currently short on cash but wish to arrange an awesome gift to yourself or a friend anytime.

In case you were wondering, you can of course also make use of your Nintendo eShop Card to pay off your Nintendo Online Membership or any other in-game purchases!

What games is Nintendo releasing in 2022?

One of the most anticipated releases for Nintendo is surely their new Pokémon Generation’s first game which would be Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – first trailers were uploaded already by the official Pokémon channel but the feelings on this release will most likely be mixed again as Nintendo often did not meet all the high expectations from veterans of the Pokémon franchise while the more casual fans are most likely super hyped for a new set of Pokémon to catch and a decent story to play through on their Nintendo Switch!

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